The Bravo Ballroom Dance Studio offers a variety of classes for all levels and all ages. The main focus is on young children who have potential to compete in the International Styles. Studio offers private lessons and group classes, where the children learn steps and techniques for dances.

Studio also offers classes for adults the American Style for social purposes. Similarly to children, there are private lessons for couples and individuals, and group classes, where the steps and techinques are taught.

Wedding Classes

Beginning in September of 2010, Bravo expanded the services to Wedding Classes. Our instructors choreograph and teach The First Dance for soon-to-be-married couples, making that special day more memorable for both Newlywed as well as the guests.

The Bravo Ballroom Dance Studio has Wedding Packages that start from $99.

1 Class - $99.00
5 Classes - $475.00 ($95.00 an hour)
10 Classes - $900.00 ($90.00 an hour)
15 Classes - $1,275.00 ($85.00 an hour)

All payments need to be made upon enrolling for classes.

Please see Pricing Sheet for more details.